If you are interested in starting a new business in Wilsonville, or relocating an existing one, you may be interested to know that 62.8% of our total population is in the prime working ages of 20 - 64, which is higher than the national average of 52.9%.  The median age here is 36.2 compared to 47.4 in the State of Oregon and 41% of our residents over the age of 25 have a bachelor's degree or higher.  This exceeds the Portland average of 22%.
In 2011, our per capita income was $30,187, well above the Oregon average of $26,561, while our median household income was $55,316, compared to the Oregon average of $49,850.  Want more Wilsonville stats?  Browse our demographic information.

Employment data, provided by Oregon's employment department, Worksource Oregon, is another great data resource and provides detailed wage and employment information by industry.

Planning & Development
To get your doors open for business as smoothly and efficiently has possible, explore our development process guide.  This useful resource lays out the steps you need to follow as a resident, owner, developer, or project designer to get your tenant improvements or new facility approved and constructed.

In addition to reviewing the City's development process, you may also want to learn about our permits and fees, as these may influence your business decisions.  Our economic development staff is always happy to work with you to help clarify city processes and provide you with needed information.
The City's GIS online mapping system,, is another great resource to help you get through the planning and development process.  It has links to maps, data, and is an easy to use web-based tool for looking up commonly requested information such as property details, hazards, aerial photos, zoning, parks, transit, and environmental information.

Various City documents,  including studies, master plans, strategic plans and more, may also be useful sources of information as you look at growing your business in Wilsonville.
Business Resources
Our partner organizations provide a wealth of information and valuable resources for entrepreneurs looking to start their first business, or seasoned executives looking to expand their Wilsonville business, or relocate to Wilsonville.  

Wilsonville's transit department provides a wealth of information on commuting options and is useful employee resources.

Site selectors are invited to contact economic development staff directly for information on available propertiers, or to explore Wilsonville properties using site search tools.