Business License & Transit Tax

Business License
All businesses within the city limits of Wilsonville must obtain a city business license and are subject to transit tax requirements. Even if your business office is located outside of the city limits and you only do business occasionally in Wilsonville, you still need a city business license and are subject to local tax.                    

An application form for a city business license may be obtained at Wilsonville City Hall or by downloading the business license application in PDF format.  Please print, fill out and send back your completed form and a check for the amount of your license to:
City of Wilsonville
Business License Department
P.O. Box 765
Wilsonville, OR 97070  

The annual license fee for each fiscal year is $100 plus $3 per each employee (w.c. section 7.320).  If a business has an annual net income of $12,000 or less, the annual fee is $50 plus $3 per each employee.  

The license fee for the period January 1 to July 1 is one half the annual license fee.

Each branch establishment of any business is considered a separate business and subject to a license.  
If you have questions, please contact Shelly Marcotte at 503-570-1586.

Transit Tax
The city’s transit system, SMART, provides service throughout the community as well as connections to Tri-Met in Portland, CAT in Canby, and Cherriots in Salem. Transit services are paid for by a combination of payroll taxes levied on businesses located in or performing work in Wilsonville (assessed on gross payroll and/or self-employment earnings), federal grants, and rider fares.

Once you have established your business license, a customer number is assigned which is also your transit tax account number. You will begin receiving quarterly payroll transit tax forms at the end of each quarter and/or self-employment forms at the end of the year. For your convenience, the forms are also available to download in PDF form.

If you use a payroll company, please provide them with your tax information and account number so they can file your return in a timely manner.

For more information visit Transit Tax FAQs or call Shelly Marcotte at 503-570-1586.

Metro Exemption
Instead of getting separate business licenses, you can get a single license from Metro to construct, alter, and repair structures in 20 cities that have licensing requirements in the metropolitan area. The license covers all construction trades, both commercial and residential, as well as all landscape contractors.

To qualify for a Metro license, you must:
  • Be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board or licensed with the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board  
  • Have a corresponding city license if your principal place of business is located in any of the 20 cities honoring the Metro license
  • Earn $250,000 or less in gross receipts per year per city honoring the Metro license or hold a city license for any city listed in which that dollar limit is exceeded
The non-refundable fee for the license is $135.  For more information about obtaining a Metro license call 503-797-1710 or visit their website.

Any work performed in the Wilsonville Transit District is subject to the SMART payroll and self-employment tax.